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Saturday, September 4, 2010


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                     A mother’s lamentation...
“You came to my life when I was just seventeen
I was a young bride then, delicate and shy
When suddenly, a fatal night dawned upon me
Your father’s corpse was carried to our doorstep
Killed in a political riot ...calamity struck our lives
Our house was devastated by pillagers, your grandparents were shot
I fled for life, for I was carrying another life yet unborn
Endless days of hunger, concealment, my life was draining out
To my rescue, a benevolent passerby took me to a refugee camp
There, in the midst of sorrow and strife, I gave birth to you
A ray of light illumined my bleak spirit
A wonderful boy, my beam of hope, the inspiration of my existence
My youth was devoted to your upbringing
 In your pristine eyes, I saw a heart for the poor and needy
I wanted you to grow up to help the destitute and the outcast
For I know the pangs of the homeless, the sufferers of fate
I sought to the fulfilment of my dreams
Alas! My ominous fate was inevitable
Mesmerised by irresistible carnal temptations
You walked away from my life in pursuit of lucre
Left me a geriatric destitute
My desolate bosom wept for you each day over the passing years
My staggering hands wanted to hold you just for once, before the Eternal Silence
To hug you and tell you that your mother loved you a lot...
I am leaving behind not any treasure, but only my blessings.”

This note reached the son when his mother was no more. He was full of remorse and compassion. While she was alive, he never cared to visit her or even post a single letter, never cared to know and understand her. He had been severely ruthless to her. Now there is no means for redemption. She is lying at rest and he is the sinner. At dusk, staring at his mother’s tomb, he takes a vow... 
Soliloquy of a son at his mother’s grave... 
A good soul cannot be perished by death... 
I had been dispassionate, unworthy of your love
Recollections come to my mind of my childhood days
The soft hum of your tune at bed-time
The tender touch of your fingers, the aroma of your falling locks
The smile on your face...
A ruthless son suffered death much before you did, carried away by hollow lust
Killed human instincts within his pious soul
But my tears will not be the response to your death                                       YOUR PROFLIGATE SON RETURNS                                                            You’ll live through the hundreds that I’ll serve
I’ll bear your silence in my heart till I fulfil your dreams
I beg for your forgiveness...Let your prayers follow me...”

Hence forth, with sheer determination, he laboured to start a partnership business. Today he is a successful businessman in India. As a tribute to his mother, he is running an Orphanage in a remote village in the eastern district. This ANATHASHRAM is named after her. Perhaps it’s his desperate attempt to achieve salvation...

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namit said...

very true...nicely portrayed...liked it alot.. :)

I blog at http://i-am-a-man-namit.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Lovely words and images =D A very moving masterpiece! Good luck for BAT14^^~

Gyanban said...

First time here, and must say I am impressed. The pain is captured quite well and the story unfolds nicely.Good job.

Someone Is Special said...

I am impressed totally.. I loved the dedication to mom.. nice sketches.. You are an awesome talent..

All the best for BAT..

Someone Is Special

milly said...

truely awesome......keep it up....these little things matter a lot today........

Ritu said...

Very moving. All the best

Dreamer said...

So sad! Yet so real! We often realize the value of something or someone only after it/they are lost.

Mahesh Kalaal said...


Poignant and touching...
loved both the versions...
Happening yet intriguing ...

Very impressive presentation and selection of words.

keep expressing

PS : Am considering this for voting

Rumya said...

Very Poignant and truly happening in this world today. You have put in a little message too.
All the Best for BAT - 14.

Jack said...

C B,

Very touching. Makes heart feel the sadness of mother and then son too on his admission of guilt. May his actions for doing some good in her name be successful. Very well phrased.

Take care

Jaspreet said...

I am truly touched-a very moving tale.
The mother's character is aptly described by: I have learnt to give not because I have too much but because I know the feeling of 'not having'
We often take those 'who care for us' as granted and it is when they are gone that we realize their worth/importance.
Very poignant tale.
All the best!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Really liked the first part (mother's suffering), it was captivating and cud feel each word.

All the best!

Ms.Meduri said...

first of all i loved the images..they are good..!!!

and your post brings to me a line that i wrote in one of my old dairies..!!!

"If you love someone show it today...tomorow shall be too late..!!"

nice post der...loved it..!!

Cherry Blossom said...


@ namit
I am glad you liked it, thanks a lot and keep visiting.

@ r.c
Thanks for your wishes and am happy to know that you liked the words and imagery...hope to hear from you again.

@ Gyanban
Thanks for your positive comments, its really inspiring. I have gone through your posts as well, they are excellent. Be in touch.

@ Someone.S
Thanks for your wishes. Well, the coloured portrait is done by my eight year old daughter. I am glad you liked them. Your posts are also very impressive.

@ Milly
Thanks, yes, I agree with you, love and understanding matters a lot to anyone.

@ Ritu
Thanks, am glad that you liked the emotional note. Keep hopping by.

@ Dreamer
You got the message that I wanted to convey. As long as we are in possession of a particular thing, we dont value it till its no longer with us. Thanks for the wishes.

@ Mahesh K
I am really glad that you are impressed with the selection of words. I like the way you make use of good words very effectively. And thanks a million for considering this post to capture your vote. Keep visiting.

@ Rumya
Very true, this is a common happening of today where there is no place for sentiments and values. Your post is also excellent and all the best to you too.

@ Jack uncle
Thanks for your remark. I genuinely pray for all those mothers who are in similar situations and for those sons to realize that nothing in the world is more valuable than mother, nothing can take their place.

@ Jaspreet
Its so true that we dont value what we have, but run after those that we dont have, and in the run, lose both ends. We should respect and help one another before we lose the opportunity. We should never hurt those who love us the most. Thanks for your wishes.

@ A Restless...
Thanks and good luck to you too for your wonderful post. I am glad you liked the choice of words.

@ Meduri
Thanks for liking the post as well as the images. The portrait is done by my eight year old daughter. Sometimes we dont know how to express our love to others, but especially to our near and dear ones, its so important to show and fulfill our love today for no one has seen 'tomorrow'.

MAVERICK said...

Extremely compassionate words and feelings, which can make anyone relive the memories of the times we have spent with our beloved mothers.
Undoubtedly the message of expressing your love has been very well portrayed. All the best for BAT.

MAVERICK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Infact, thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful & touching. It tugged at my heartstrings & I wanna thank you for it!
Have a nice day n Cheerz ! :)

Cherry Blossom said...

Parental love cannot be measured and my aim was to pay tribute to those mothers who were hurt by circumstances. But indifferent children will, one day or the other, realize the value of such love which they will never get back.

@Md. M.S
I is my pleasure to share my feelings with my co-bloggers.

I 'll thank my stars if I was able to somehow, put forth my message to everyone that they should do everything to keep their parents happy, time once lost, never comes back and parents are the most precious gift that one possess in life.

Sidra Sayeed said...

The post is hard hitting. We often ignore our loved ones when they are around and miss them when they are gone. I'm touched and a little sad. I think it's beautifully written. I cannot think of anything I would add or subtract. I support the optimism and the actions that ensued his mothers demise because that's the best he could do as opposed to spending a life in regret with no positive actions.
The images that accompanied are probably yours as well. The one at the bottom does speak a thousand words.
The first one possesses an obvious association but it's the second that asks the questions and laments on the regret.
I think you've done a fabulous job. I will be dropping by often.

Anonymous said...

First time on your blog and it surely is impressive. Nice post and great images. Loved your take on Return
Best for BAT

Cherry Blossom said...

Your words are really encouraging and I'm glad that you liked the post. Its actually a tribute to those mothers who take tremendous pain to bring up their children and the ungrateful children dont realize it. Parents come first and we must do whatever we can for them. Thanks for a wonderful analysis of my post. Yes, the pictures are mine, the first by my daughter and the second, by me. You are most welcome to visit my blog.

Welcome to my space and I,m happy that you liked my take on Return. Keep visiting.

Kshitij said...

Very nice. Really liked the story.

Is this real? If it is, you should have mentioned who... If it's not, then good.

Learnt a couple of new and impressive words from you. :)

Even my post for BAT is based on 'mother', so, shake hands :)

Good luck.

Tuppence said...

Nice one. Returning back to The good from
Being prodigal ...

Touchy story

D2 said...

The words were moving. The images were perfect. I think we might have a winner here.

A stroke of perfection.
All the best for BAT

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

The post has been beautifully portrayed!!!!



Brijender Singh said...

Very profound but very realistically conveyed.
I think each one of us undergoes similar emotions,some choose to imbibe them while the majority brush them aside.
Your portrayal of the innermost feelings of the mother as well as the son are eerily accurate-the hopes,the hurt,the worry,the regret,the promise.
Beautiful experience-thanks.

Saket Dabi said...

the love of mother matched to perfection , such tales do take place in not so urban places of India . I have been to one such village where similar story took place.
It was very touching poem.
all the best for BAT.

Sweta said...

mothers letter was very touching....best of luck for BAT

The Fool said...

Very nice way of expressing a real life story. Initially when I read the mother's story, I felt it was yet another sob story. But son's reaction and the fact that it is a real life story made it special.

The Fool said...

Very nice way of expressing a real life story. Initially when I read the mother's story, I felt it was yet another sob story. But son's reaction and the fact that it is a real life story made it special.

swayambhu said...

Hey, is this based on any real incident? Lemme just say that when I was very young, we had hired a nurse whose story was similar...her husband had been killed in bangladesh in 1971 and she'd fled to India with her sons. 30 years on, her sons had moved on, leaving her behind.

Shilpa Garg said...

Moving, touching and impressive...that's what describes this post!
Liked it!
All the best for BAT.
Cheers :)

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BlogJunta said...

Cherry Blossom,
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Prathi said...

Congratulations Cherry !!

All the Best !!

Keep writind more of such masterpieces !!!