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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fateful Transition

The First shower after the summer blaze
The fresh green leaves of spring, accompanied by the essence of bloomers- the harbingers of regeneration and growth
The chirping of the birds at play
The innocent smile of a new-born babe
Such portraits of Nature leaps your heart in ecstasy
You feel proud to be born a Man
And your hands move up to pay homage to the Almighty- the Creator of this beautiful planet

Then a sudden realization of TRUTH, which freezes your body in stark petrification
The agony of the bygone Garden of Eden existence
The doom of human morality and
The emergence of a Beast from a Man

What a pathetic downfall!
Beauty turned to ashes
The azure Heaven above, covered by dark clouds
The miasmatic breath of Nature...
Poverty, Hunger, Thirst, Sorrow, Betrayal, Civil Strife and Bloodshed...
And all this in pursuit of accumulating Wealth and Fame
A fake world created by fake morality

Love conquers all?...True Love?
Parental Love?...Over possessiveness and over expectations produce a handicap child
Fraternal Love?...Brothers are no longer partners in familial commitments, but carry in their pockets a balance to weigh their inherited and accumulated acquisition, and, fight for a larger sum
Friendly Love?...The so-called true friends carry a hidden dagger to stab one another at the next possible opportunity, so envious of each other's progress
Marital Love?...An egoistic battle between two opposite sexes. It begins with a dream-like utopian living and ends in analysing of character traits, rivalry, accusation, involvement of family members to opine- a private matter turned into public entertainment- and then the final blast
Who are the worst sufferers?...the poor ignorant kids...our future, the observers and endurers of extravagant scenarios at home...What is the outcome?...The emergence of a Beast

Such is the productive state of our progress- scientific, technological, and materialistic
It’s the advancement of Modern Civilization...inversely proportional to degeneration of Moral Values

Can we do something about this?...You and I?
For once, dream of the peaceful, the rustic fervour of heavenly life
Of the freshness of Nature
The play of the birds
And, the Smile of Faces
Just compress the fire within
And smile along the path to eternity...                                                                                                    
Wish our life would be a Satiated Dream, but, unfortunately, we are the unprivileged martyrs.
रंगीन बहारों की ख्वाहिश रही ,हाथ मगर कुछ आया नहीं 
कोई भी हमसफ़र नहीं,खो गयी हर डगर कही 

3 Obiter Dicta:

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

welcome to blogosphere!

u have tremendous potential. keep blogging ( try to organise ur thoughts a bit)

Well true, we are mortal beings. Happiness lies in that little rain drop fallen on our cheek. Its the little sunshine, when u think u will freeze, happiness is beautiful but you have to open you senses to feel it.

Happy blogging (if possible remove word verification from comments form)


Jack said...

C B,

This is third time I am here to say something but twice I had to move off as there was electricity problem. Hope I can complete what I have to say.

It is a pleasure to read your posts. In your previous post you had given gems of wisdom. There is such a thin line between Self Respect and Ego, isn't it? How true about Love does not require two persons to look at each other but in the same direction. If we understand this, life will be so much easier. This post, again you brougt out good as well bad in such a simple manner. On Love you stated facts, specially Marital. Hope to keep reading you more and more.

Take care

Cherry Blossom said...

@ Restless
True happiness lies within our soul and the earlier we discover it, the happier we be. Thanks for your comments, I'll try to be more organised ever since.

@ Jack uncle
Thank you so much for a perfect diagnosis of the message that I wanted to highlight upon. Each person is egoistic in some form or the other but the percentage varies. Its our ability to adapt to various circumstances that can make us truly happy. Keep visiting.