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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Our childhood was a garden of colour, brightness and morning fragrance

Every play was a concoction of fun, frolic and fight

Days passed in childish glory and we became good friends

Ensuing years cemented our friendship

When one day, in the midst of a festive assemblage

My eyes turned to her elegant looks, her wavy tendrils cascading down the sides of her face and nape, an exquisitely beautiful sight

My eyes were fixed at her, she was aware of her beauty

She returned a blushing countenance, and I realized, for the first time, that I was in love

Our childhood skirmishes changed to adolescent adoration

We earnestly desired one another’s company, desperately longed for the divine embrace to speak our heart out

Every night I would prepare myself to propose, but the next day, seeing her dark and serene eyes, the words would get choked in my throat,  I would hesitate and would just keep staring at her; but again, the rehearsal for the next meeting..

But, since three consecutive days, she wasn’t there at all

I grew impatient, anticipating some sickness or trouble, I grew desperate

Then, suddenly, the news reached of her family’s migration to an unknown land

My hopes, desires crashed into imperceptible fragments

They were to leave the very next day. That night was the last, I took a chance...

I waited outside her window just to have a glance of that cherubic smile and those lovely dark eyes, for the last time, perhaps...

On seeing me, she immediately ventured out into the backyard, drops of tears rolled down her smooth, fair cheeks, with a frightened look she held me tight in her arms and whispered to my ears...

I shall wait...

Having said so, immediately rushed back to her chamber, and with a helpless, tearful look, waved me adieu...

Each day I was toiling to make her absence sweet, hoping to meet her ever and anon

Since five long years, she has been dwelling in my reverie

I voyaged from country to country in search of that angelic acquaintance, craving to hear the reverberation of her sob

I know that some day my quest will come to an end and my devotion for her will be reciprocated

But I have still to wait; for I know that my winsome lady is waiting too, waiting in silence...                                                                                                                              

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Jack said...

C B,

Love blossoming and going through trial phase penned down so beautifully. Keep it up.

Take care

PS : Posted new one today.

anjan said...

You have potrayed the real love so beautifully. The emotion of love is so strong that it can bring down tears at the end.

here is a song for lovers.... http://video.tagged.com/#v=-9f5XRZB90k

D2 said...

This was sorrowful and heart-wrenching. The wait and search for a love that might be in vain is the hardest struggle.
You've brought the story of the new-found love and the hardship of the struggle to deal with the loss very beautifully.

Bidrohini said...

Beautifully expressed, poignant, very emotional at times....
Sketches are fabulous!
Keep it up!

Prathi said...

Excellent work...It depicts how a person waits with patience for his love...
The pictures are also very Good...
Keep it up !!!