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Monday, August 15, 2011


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Twilight, the myriad colours of the vast horizon penetrate through the wavering thoughts of Sereen, bringing to the fore varied images of life’s authentic existence. It juggles between the confounded theory of fidelity in marriage and the betrayal from her own soul mate. It has been fifteen years of turmoil and trepidation, love and hatred, insult and remorse. Constant endurance left her a voluntary handicap in taking a stern decision for her living self. It’s an unforgivable existence, a hellish survival, created by the entry of an abominable female, the other woman, and that too, after so many years of togetherness, where she had been a perpetual support for her husband during joy and woe, success and failure, in every walk of life...now, the other woman is the prime cause of the ultimate damage to their otherwise trusted relationship. Its time to make a decision, to put an end to the monotonous ignominy of verbal interactions. Her hypersensitive psyche cries to be free, free from the clutches of matrimonial bondage. Her injured ego can no longer undergo the resentful attitude, the humiliating approach of her husband's irrational behaviour.

Ever since their marriage, it was his limitless desire to be fondled and flattered. For him, the love for the self played a dominant role in the ignition of petty issues in day to day affairs, irrespective of the responsibilities that a normal family life demand. Even the birth of a child brought no sense of mature thinking towards the fulfilment of paternal duties. On the other hand, Sereen was absolutely dedicated to her home and her profession. She did established herself as an accomplished woman of substance, but the weighty burden of servitude, both at home and at work place, left her, at times, a coaxing individual, much to the dislike of her husband. She, inadvertently ignored her husband’s relentless hankering for that physical urge, which eventually led to a liaison with his present mistress, crushing the pillars of their concrete mansion, built on the principles of loyalty and devotion.With such an abhorrent attitude, he confessed that he wants to ditch her for good, and also his child... that he finds heaven in the company of his new found present love. Yet, his hypocritical self prevents him to make a public declaration of his inexplicable intentions.

Sereen has been a noteworthy figure amongst friends and relations. With her charm and poise, she has been loved and respected by one and all. Her sincerity, dedication towards work, her self-respect brought her fame and popularity. She has been a perfect mother and a great daughter-in-law. Then what did really go wrong? How is it that during the fifteen years, her husband overlooked such virtuous qualities? Where, at the twilight of their life, priority stands in the upbringing of their only lovable child, that innocent soul, who has been experiencing an incessant grief of indignant interaction in the house. At such a tender age, she has neither understanding, nor the power, to retaliate or to subjugate such irresponsible mannerisms of the seniors. Being a concerned mother, she cannot, at any cost, put her child’s future at stake for such an apathetic man. She has to break loose from the emotional ties which still impel her to compromise and adjust with circumstances beyond her control. But is he really worth this sacrifice? Her desperate attempt to seek consolation leaves her abashed and mentally unbalanced. If love leaves as residue anguish and venom, then is it worth the sacrifice that it demands?

At the crossroads, life often produces complicated predicaments. It becomes a major issue to many, specially at critical junctures, whether to take or not to take that one bold step...innumerable hurdles to cross perhaps, profuse hardships to encounter, yet life has to move on. In this crucial juncture, Sereen is, perhaps, averse to perceive the rainbow in the sky, but, if one thinks profoundly, the other side of every fear, is freedom. One day, Sereen will also be free, but the question is, when?

Only when we are enslaved, do we yearn and strive to be free. Once we are free, do we handle with care this ultimate achievement?

                                                                  HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL  

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Sadiya Merchant said...

d story was gud bt d end was brilliant.
so aptly summed up!

Enchanta said...

My question would be that would she really be ever be free even though her desire to be so might never be extinguished, that fire caused by a failed sense of justice?

aativas said...

Taking such decisions is always hard for women - because they are related to others through many roles. You have brought out an important aspect of the evil many women face even today.

The Fool said...

Nice portrayal of the dilemma faced by this woman and the menatal agony they undergo during such situations. I really enjoyed the smooth flow of the write up. Best of luck for the Blog-a-ton. You can find my entry here.
In search of freedom

Cherry Blossom said...

@ Sadiya
Thank u so much.

@ Enchanta
You have posed such a crucial question. Not only myself, as a matter of fact any woman on earth can never accept the injustice caused to their life and can never be free from the very thought of it. But once free from the bondage, at least life can be somewhat better. But the culprit can never be forgiven.

@ Aativas
Taking an important decision is always very hard. Moreover, as you specified, many circumstances need to be taken into consideration, especially in our society. But then evil cannot play the dominating role.

@ The Fool
I am happy you liked the post. Only those who go through such agony do realize the pain. Hope this short life offers much better things to make it sweet and beautiful.

pri said...

///At the crossroads, life often produces complicated predicaments.///

very true..couldnt agree more with this.

you have beautifully summed up the trials a woman has to go through in her life...the dilemma..the strength..the decision.
noone would know the pain but the one who has gone though it..

I liked the way you concluded the post.

all the best for BAT.

you can read my entry here---

Someone is Special said...

Cherry, you are back with a bang.. The ending was brilliant.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton.. Free... Are we?

Someone is Special

Aashish Sood said...

I really like this kind of alternate universe and elegant names that you come up with... loved the story!!!


Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

Wandering Thoughts

Brijender Singh said...

As someone said, if you think you are free, escape is impossible !
To say that i absolutely love your choice of words would be redundant, so i won't.
To say that you have put into words the unintelligible agony of many would be superfluous, so i won't.
To say that your conceptualisation of your protagonist's character is exquisitely delicate is obvious, so i won't.
All i SHALL say is "Brilliant post" !!

the critics said...

Only when we are enslaved, do we yearn and strive to be free. Once we are free, do we handle with care this ultimate achievement?

well depends on what u have put into and how much u really learnt from it.....nice read...poor seren....

here is mine

Only when we are enslaved, do we yearn and strive to be free. Once we are free, do we handle with care this ultimate achievement?

Ketan said...

Awesome writeup

sHoNa said...

Awesome post.I liked the way you concluded the post. all d best fr BAT.

D2 said...

Life is hard and when quite contradictory once we actually think about it. It's really sad when someone cheats another to whom he/she is bonded for life so unceremoniously.
All the best for BAT.

Richi Baidwan said...

Enjoyed reading your post, somehow the backdrop suited the words all too well.

It is indeed a questions about what we chose to do with our own free will when such a scenario occurs.

Jack said...

C B,

I am surprised that she put up with this attitude for so long. Though I say that she should have not denied her husband what physical aspect he was looking for but that does not mean that she had to be a door mat. In any relationship, specially marriage, in my opinion there are following basic factors for keeping it healthy :

Mutual Respect - one has to move on from I, me and myself attitude. And this includes respect for partner's close relatives also.

Mutual Trust - giving space to other is very important. There should be no misuse of given space.

Two Way Open and Logical Communication - not losing tempers or feeling superior.

Willingness to Accept Partner what He or She is - not trying to change other but making efforts to adjust to change own habits which may not be liked by partner.

Then other things like physical relations and sense of humour etc help in strengthening relationship. But if any of basic factors is lacking, the relationship is bound to run into rough weather.

Going by what is stated, I think it is time for her to choose her own course for the sake of her child. One needs to take hard decision and start new life with hope for better future for them.

Take care