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Sunday, April 3, 2011


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“Lead yourself from the unreal to the ultimate truth, from the darkness of your mind to a world of light and from the death of ignorance to the immortality of knowledge. Transform your thoughts into actions and make your journey a pleasurable route to a blessed destiny.”

Lies in our subconscious the divination
Of an idyllic world, enamored by infantile chastity
Of the shepherd hearing his lamb’s tender reply
While grazing the folks in the sojourn mountains and valleys.

This happens to be the halcyon harbour
Of an unknown journey to a strange new destination
With a concupiscence to achieve the extremity
Intellect becomes oblivious to the satiety of the peregrination.

Childhood diffuses the beam of the morrow
Leaving fond impression of bygone memories
Unforeseeable fortune should not be the barricade
To disrupt the harmony of the manifold tunes or be the cause for worries.

A material youth juggles with interrogations of basic fulfilments
“When can I buy a new Mercedes Benz?”
“When can I eat out of German Silver?”
“When can I pay off my mortgage?”

Life becomes wretched in such disgraceful pursuit
Rapturous youth departs from the living
Wealth is achieved which might go astray
It’s only the accomplishment of ‘belief’ which lingers with the being.

 In this wondrous promenade leading to the Elysium
Two distinctive souls are united in holy matrimony
It’s the music which creates this melodious strain
Adorning the saunter with either comfort or agony.

A thousand different circumstances contribute to a single journey
It’s the liberty of the self to think, feel and do as he yearns
In this tangible world, is there really a Station?
In the trip it self lies true happiness, not in the ultimate destination.

Such an inevitably arduous journey is meliorated by a truthful comrade
Who stands by in good times and bad, draught, riot, war, king’s court and even after obliteration  
To walk side by side when the rest walks either in front, or behind
Asserting every challenge as a veracious and a hospitable guide.

A journey is like a home to enrich a hankering soul
With no regrets of tomorrow or fear of the future
With sight as blind and spirit as elevated
Get through the hardest instances by taking just one step at a time.

“Life perishes leaving behind a miraculous wonder
The good deeds in the world to seek and ponder.
The twilight sky after the set of the golden sun
Brings gentle breeze for the living to stay warm.
The nostalgic melody continues its mellifluous hum
In this beautiful journey, holding hands, keep moving along.”
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MAVERICK said...

Surely a journey is defined by an individual. A journey signifies change, it signifies ambition, it signifies your grit, determination and above all the friendship and loyalty of your near and dear ones who steer you through the tough task.As splendid as the saying is :
Journey is the Reward
It was pleasant being back, it was even great reading the post. All the very best

The Fool said...

So true. Lovely poem. You should be posting on some of the poetry memes as well.

Geeta Singh said...

Life is a journey well a very nice post!!

Someone is Special said...

I am fan of awesome poems.. you had given me a smile thanks for this.. what a journey it could be.. and of course life perished leaving behing miraclous wonder.. loved it so much.. mine is a dream a journey of...

Someone is Special

Rekha said...

This is a fabulous piece of poetry...so many different notions in this journey.

Enchanta said...

I always enjoy all your compositions. It almost gives the literary soul a sense of deep-rooted pleasure.

I love philosophy and this poem rebuilt it.

All the best!!

D2 said...

Life is a journey and a very unique one at that, combining myriad emotions all at the same time. I think you showed that quite beautifully. Loved reading the poem. All the best for BAT.

Sureindran said...

A good piece of poetry. And here the best part:

A material youth juggles with interrogations of basic fulfilments
“When can I buy a new Mercedes Benz?”
“When can I eat out of German Silver?”
“When can I pay off my mortgage?”

Good job again!


Vinay said...

brilliant, CB :) and yes, I agree with TF! get your poetry on some memes.. let more of the world read your words!

Here's My Blog-a-Ton Journey

Pappan said...

Hi Cherry,

Congratulations once more !!
Hats off for the good work...
With every post you are attainining a higher level ...
Keep it up !!

Viyoma said...

Such intense thoughts. Superb!!
For once...came across a post this BATOM..not dedicated to WorlD Cup.

Amity said...

Hello Cherry,

What a superb poem this one! I was so carried away by the beautiful journey in your poem...and I am so envious on how well you penned those verses...I have not written something so beautiful like this for a long time now...:)

All the best my dear!

Monu said...

Hello Cherry,

Very Nice Poem on "Journey"
Keep it up !!
All the Best !!

Yamini Meduri said...

nice one Cherry..!!!the beautiful journey took me along and had an awesome xperience readin it..!!!

All the best for BAT..!!!

here's mine..!!!
Yamini Meduri- Journey

Jack said...

C B,

Travel in life very nicely projected. One needs to keep in mind that it is the journey which is more important for happiness that the destination. Same holds good for marriage too. Well composed.

Take care