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Sunday, November 7, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 16; the sixteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Nature, at the break of day, all consciousness reveal, the light glorious
Of early dawn, fills the heavens with colours illustrious.
The cool zephyrs diffuse the air with essence sweet
The playful birds hop and sing with a melodious meet.
The Aurora of glistening hues and replenishing fragrance
The magical spell fills the dormant senses with exuberance.
We wake up to the light that conveys to our mind
The gusto to rejoice, the devotedness to worship the Divine.
Keenly awaiting this season of celebration which, finally, has arrived
Whole-hearted gratitude to the Almighty for keeping us alive.

On such a festive occasion...
A venturesome wanderer seeks to explore human glory
This grand hour suits best to set sail on his poor dory.
Visit the joyful celebrators in their jocund fervour
Who leave their doors open with cordial enamour.

A man of fifty, with neither fortune nor fame
Addressed by all as Father, and Father is his name.
A man who celebrates each day of his humble life
He neither has any relation, nor has a wife.
Yet life has catechized him so much to discover
By solely being a kind and efficacious observer.

 He wishes to celebrate by visiting his country horde
Share their happiness, or sorrows, from his heart’s core.
He would wander the whole day long
Visiting houses and lanes, while chanting a merry song.

 Dressed in white, untarnished, all set for the quest
For he would return with retrospection finest.
The following narration reveals the expedition of our Father
Whether its the bourgeois or the proletariat, it doesn’t matter.

On reaching the shore, he comes across a mansion majestic, dazzling and adorned
The hilarity of laughter within, one to be scorned.
Hesitatingly, he approaches the eccentric class of revellers
“But who has the clock to be hospitable towards travellers?”

A lady, clad in exorbitant silk, advances towards him
Inebriated to the core, sipping Scotch from a crystal rim.
Addresses with unsteady posture and vermilion gaze
“ Hello there grand-dad,  the cloth which is wrapped around your waist
Is this the latest , in vogue?
However, with this attire, you resemble a rouge!
Well, come on in and join our feast
You’ll be served with wine and meat.”

Says the baffled Father with a waffling tone:
“A glass of water would quench my thirst
“Its only water that I wish to drink first.”

“Oh, come on grand-dad, you are standing before a celebrity
Follow our gait, and you’ll be treated with dignity.”

“Whom are you talking to, darling?” calls a voice from behind
Comes forward a man with attributes wild.
 Wearing a mask of weird shape and colours
The luring eyes protruding through the crafted ventilators.

Meretricious relationships, two sexes indecent
All identities diffused, and no commitment.
Love has ended with the glories of ancient days altogether
The riotous carousers furiously dance to the magical flute of Satyr.
This is the class celebration of the rich and famous
The Father leaves, showering a blessing blasphemous.

He then reaches a house, dark and gloomy
“Where is the shine, where are the lights?” he mutters on seeing a vacant roomy.
On reaching the backyard, he sees an old couple, solitarily seated
 Neither song nor dance, speechless faces,  plaintively defeated.
He approaches them and asks with a caring tone:
“My friend, what on earth is grieving you on a festive night like this?”
The man, with looks pitiable and eyes doleful, speaks:
“My loving son left us forever in this painful state
Having a ball in a far away land, with wine and date.
This time of the year, we woefully miss him
For we celebrated his birth and our life with him.
His mother sheds tears, for us there is no festival
We will celebrate only on his arrival.
Perhaps his return will be at the call of our funeral.
Years will fly, lights will glow
 Darkness from our world will never go.”

On hearing this, the Father’s heart grows heavy and dreadful
He wonders how children can be so ungrateful.
Life is sad, life may be happy
For some reason unknown, people are unhappy.
 Some fear God, some worship the Devil
Taking a sad farewell, Father reaches a house on a hill.

The impoverished house is brightly illumined
He is greeted warmly by a couple with smile entwined.
The door is open, the courtyard singing
The table is laid and the floor ringing.
The lively angels are full of mirth and merry-making
They rush immediately, seeing a wayfarer approaching.
“Come home Father,” speaks the wife, “you must be tired of wandering”.
Her husband holds the Father’s hand pleading:
 “Please share with us the sweets and beverages”.
At the table, he is soon engaged into a cheerful conversation with the averages.
The broth is good, the bread is good
Not for the spices, but the hand that made the food.
With a heart content, and a tummy surfeited
The Father blesses the family for the way outlanders are greeted.
“Good bye Father, do visit again”, the children speak
On receiving pure hospitality, the Father begins to weep.

The night isn’t over yet, with a will to further rummage
After an hour’s walk, he arrives at a remote village.
Beside a lonely rock, sits a lad of seven
With the look of a saint, eyes towards heaven.

“My boy, what bemoans you during this time of festivity?” asks
“Are you alone in the world, with no one to care for?”
Anticipating an answer, the father sits beside him, holding tight and as close as could be
The boy, with eyes sparkling, reveals,” Last year, my elder brother was there to care for me.”
“Where is he now? Has he left home because of bread? Or is it a fight that has kept both of you separate?”
“He blesses me from the heaven above
 I respond with immeasurable grace and love.
For a deadly explosion, during this time last year
Estranged two loving brothers untimely, forever.
Sitting by this rock, I recollect our memorable days
My mind hovers over the heavenly bodies and milky ways.
He must be resting in his peaceful abode, my heart is void without him
Just cherishing the time we shared and celebrating his memories within”.

With  tremendous apprehension, the Father
Sanctifies the life of a cherubim with a holy murmur.
He leaves the meditating soul smiling at the horizon vast
Seeking for a face familiar, out of the clouds moving fast.

On his way, the Father encounters
 An approaching class of barbaric drunkards.
They mock him with looks stern and warn him with voices firm:
“What! An old man? At this twilight hour  wandering near?
Clear our path, lest your bones perish here.
We are returning from the berth of a prostitute
Its celebration time!  Are you a destitute?
Go home and share the pleasure with your mate
 Do you prefer to tread this baneful boulevard instead?”

The father moves away out of fear, thus saying
“Fear the Lord, whom you are betraying.
He has blessed you with a life, proper food and costume
He sees your actions and decides your fortune.
He, the Supreme, who enlightens our intellect
Kneel with your hands folded before it’s too late.”

Thus, weary due to the travel and exploration
He decides to return to his ultimate destination.
On his way back, images keep occurring to his mind
For his day has concluded by truly celebrating mankind.

A solitary wanderer in the wild of life, with possession few
Having neither direction, nor any fixed point of view.
Just a gloomy gazer of the world to which he has little relation
Yet he feels every moment to be a moment for celebration.
The vast shores of knowledge that he has accomplished
Finding every small bright pebble to content himself with.
He seeks to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness
Finding an opportunity to celebrate the power, the ability of greatness.

As proud citizens, we devotedly celebrate our country’s endeavour towards global victory
Our strength lies in our unity, an inspiration to combat personal misery.
We rejoice at every festival observed by our nation
The happiness of sharing itself, calls for a celebration.
Our life is an entire universe of blissful celebrating
With every breath of yours, just celebrate your living.

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Brijender Singh said...

What a brilliant piece of writing !!!
I dont know where to begin, at your conception of the idea, the beauty of the narrative, the choice of words, the multiple and diverse messages that you have sprinkled all across, the transient nature of all that we hold dear....the list is endless.

For the moment, suffice it to say that it wayet again,sheer pleasure reading your words !

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Brij has said everything I wanted to say about your post.
Mind blowing stuff chery.

Your posts are such a pleasure to read.
Did you draw those pics which accompany this post?

Just keep blogging, it is delight to keep visiting your blog

Cherry Blossom said...

@ Brijender
Its great to have your opinion so early with apt analysis. Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. I'll be visiting your blog today to leave my comments and am prepared for something exceptional.

@ Md. Muddassir
You are one person who never fails to leave your feelings in every post of mine and its really inspiring and most worthy of appreciation. Thank you so much and most welcome to visit my blog. The pictures are done by my little daughter, just to keep her engaged, you see. Will be visiting your blog today.

Shruti said...

Stupendous effort! Am speechless after seeing your poem! Brij covered the points well!

Amity said...

Your post is like your beautiful name Cherry Blossom...and like what Brij and Md have said...you've made a beautiful piece of poetry here, all worthy of celebrating/celebration!

Thanks for sharing Cherry...keep writing as you have the talent!

Good luck to you...:-)

Prathi said...

Hi Cherry,
In continuation to your earlier excellent posts, you have described the Celebrations in a superb way by narrating about the mother nature and its different elements the good and the bad….how they respond to various situations… And the way you have depicted the time as a Father visiting the different types of people…etc..were all great. Lastly the picture of lady with lamp depicting the mother nature in Celebration….. Great Idea..
Good imagination and narration…. Congratulations !!
Keep it up and keep writing…

MAVERICK said...

Brilliance is not often personified with ease, but if someone could really come close to it, there couldn't be a way better than this.

On the journey's of our lives, is which we find our rewards, by experiences we share and lessons we learn. And through your post what a cultural ride you have taken me through.
Diversity often becomes unifying strength only if our differences are celebrated just like our strengths.

My best wishes are with you and I hope that you would have all reasons to celebrate when the results come out.

Ms.Meduri said...

All thanks to BAT for bringing me here to read this wonderful piece of writing :) just perfect :)

All the best :)
Here is my celebration:
Ms. Meduri- Celebrations

Amity said...

Hi Cherry,

I am from the Philippines in the Nothernmost part...:-)

I live near the sea on the north and a chain of mountains on the west and south...I live in a beautiful place named Sanchez Mira... :-)

Lost in thoughts said...

nice arrangement of words to convey a good thought.

Pratibha The Talent said...

Brilliant piece of art and inspiring story wrapped in poem.All the very best for BAT.

swayambhu said...

nice, really nice piece here...u drew the pic? ATB fr BAT

Cherry Blossom said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and the kind words.

It was a little effort from my side for celebration. Am glad you liked it and thanks for following my blog.

It was an analysis worth appreciation and gratification.

Your comment is so encouraging. Am really happy the way you have appreciated it.

@Ms. Meduri
We have all tried to present ourselves in unique ways. Glad you liked my take. Keep visiting.

@Lost in thoughts
Thanks a lot

Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation.

Thanks. The pics are done by my daughter.

magiceye said...

that was marvelous!

m7 said...

m always awed by ppl who can write poetry...n this is super-cool, i mean amazingly beautiful. :)

Someone Is Special said...

Wonderful post cherry.. I loved your narration.. wow you are so cool..

Good luck for BAT and do stop by, Someone Is Special - Celebrations

--Someone Is Special--

SaroSena said...

this was very unique and nice style of writing..poetry/prose..unsure of what to call it even.. very inspiring indeed!

Jack said...

C B,

I am totally at loss to find words to express what I feel. Still I will make an effort. I am proud of this new side of you. Beautifully composed with all kinds of emotions or feelings shown. Please keep writing.

Take care

Kshitij said...

Oh! And I always hated poems.

This has gotto be one of the finest things I have read. I really loved the post. Just cant express how beautiful this one is. Just cant!

In my secret Bollywood style, I secretly wished the little boy to go to the old couple :)

Nevertheless, very very very wonderful post.

Must confess I dont like your template much... this yellow on orangish yellow.. arrrr... I keep highlighting your text to read :)

But the content more than made up.

Another thing.. why do you call yourself cherry blossom?

Kshitij said...

Hey CB. Thank you for answering the queries. You could have answered them in your blog itself; I always come back to check the return comments.

We both got 5 votes each... good job and shake hands.

I will look forward to your new template :)

So your daughter is responsible for cherry blossom... hmmmm... nice, I say.

Good job!

Kshitij said...

Yeah. I like it better than the previous one :)

Personally, I always like them very very simple... but this one's good too. Especially now that the background and font color dont clash.

Good luck with the new face.

D2 said...

I do wish I'd had time during when the BAT was actually on. This was a brilliant read. :)